UK vs UF - Half Time Thoughts

First Quarter Win....Second Quarter loss...2nd half to come and its all tied up at 14.

It looks like we corrected our penalty problem but we had a blown coverage on 4th down that allowed a Gator TD. We also need to fix our protection. Florida is loading the "A" gaps and causing the OG's to stay in to help the center. This puts our tackles on an island and we are outmatched athletically. We need to make some protection adjustments to help the tackles with a RB or a TE. 3 sacks in the half and two of them were on the last possession of the half and push back the FG attempt.

This game is very physical and lost of trash talking going on. Im not sure we will ever know what the DL said to Bunchy Stallings but he was out of his mind (think Godby on a rant) mad.

Last drive of 1st quarter where we went 3 and out in 00:18 seconds did not help us this half. We have to control the tempo on offense and time of possession.

Excited for a fantastic finish to this one!