Another Heartbreak

"I accept responsibility for those plays and we will get it fixed" - Coach Stoops

BBN is hurting. I have been reading tweets and posts while listening to post game interviews and thinking about what I want to write. I know that locker room is hurting. I know there are so many guys in that locker room that are thinking what if.

These types of games hurt but these types of games make you better. We just had the #20 team in the nation on the ropes and we were giving them more than they expected or they wanted. We should learn from the mistakes tonight and build on the good things we did tonight. We are 3-1 with our only loss to the #20 team in the nation and we have put UGA, Miss St. and UL on notice that we are coming and you better be prepared be cause we are a good football team and we will be a better team after tonight.

The good things:

1. Tonight was the 4th largest crowd since the stadium renovation.

2. We are 10-4 in the last 14 regular season since 06-07.

3. S. Johnson tied a career high 3 TD passes

4. A. MacGinnis tied and set the new school record for FGs made.

5. D. West had his first career interception to go along with his 8 tackles.

6. We did not lose the lead to the #20 team in the nation till late in the 4th quarter

7. Most if not ALL our mistakes tonight are easy fixes.

"There is certainly things we have to do bettering I have to do better, but it is nice to know that you have a team built that can play with Florida, because that is still a very talented football team and our players laid it on the line"

The bad things:

1. not covering a WR coming out of a timeout 2x's that resulted in 14 of their 28 points

2. Penalties...7 for 55 yards that happened at times that took at least 6 points off the board

3. Sacks...4 total for 17 yards and 2 were drive killers that took potential points off the board

4. Bad Snaps. This is very frustrating because it is something that is done everyday and should not be as big of an issues as it has become this year

5. BBN not showing up next week.

Yep, I went there but its true. Maybe I have spent too much time around Max. I don't know but I do know we had 62,965 there tonight and I challenge each and everyone of you to be there next week vs. Eastern Michigan. Support your team, be there with them through the wins and the losses. Support your school, athletics department, coaches and players the same after a loss as you do after a win.

#1 - #4 on the bad list will be fixed next week. Im confident they will be addressed, worked on and fixed. #5 thats up to you BBN and I hope to see you there next Saturday at 4pm.

Catch Max, Matt and myself on The Cameron Mills Radio Show on Sunday at 7:30 and our recap of this game will be posted on iTunes on Tuesday.

Good Night and Go Cats!