Toughness, Effort, Discipline and Pride

Those are the things that Coach Gran said are the foundation of their program. Coach met with the media after practice on Tuesday and said they had a great practice, "It was an awesome day". A Highlight from Saturday in his opinion was that 1 out of every 6 offensive plays were what they call explosive plays. That is where a run play goes for 12 or more yards and a pass play goes for 16 or more yards. He did go on to say that they have to get better on 3rd downs. The stat sheet from Saturday has us 10% (1-10) on third down conversions and he identified 8 plays that caused us to miss out on 9 points offensively. If you factor in the 14 points we gave up by not covering a Florida WR and add in the 9 points Coach Gran talked about that, could have made this game a dominating 35-14 Wildcat Victory!

Here is the video of Coach Gran after practice (courtesy of UK Athletics)