First Quarter UK 7 and EMU 7

That was about as bad a first half of football we have played all year. Fumble the ball on the first play of the game. Have a solid drive to tie the game at 7 a piece after EMU scores on a 20 yard Pass play down the middle of our soft zone coverage.

The next 2 drives for UK total 6 plays and 8 yards of offense. OL is not getting a push up front and allowing too much pressure on Steven Johnson...a couple of those could be called coverage sacks or pressures but you can not get bull rushed on the edge by a guy that you out weigh by 40 pounds.

On a positive side...The Defense is playing solid defense (outside of the wide open guy on the TD). Mike Edwards is leading us with 3 tackles and a nice pass break up.

Lets see if we can fix the issues with the Offense in the second quarter.