Half Time: UK 14 and EMU 14

Defense is doing their job. They got beat on a TD the 2nd play of the game after we turned it over on the first play of the game and then they got fooled on a trick play. They are holding EKU to 43% on 3rd down conversions and have covered the back shoulder fade well today.

Special Teams has been solid. MacGinnis just missed a 53 yard FG into the wind. Matt Panton kicked a career long 71 yard punt and Lynn Bowden had a nice 26 yard return on the last kick off

Now for the Offense....We are making the EMU DL and LB units look like they are Bama. We are not getting a push up front, not doing a good job on blitz pick up and we have put the ball on the ground 2x. We have a five min advantage on TOP but other than that its been ugly. We had -6 yards rushing in the 2nd quarter.

I hope the coaching staff makes the proper adjustments in the 2nd half and we come out and dominate on both sides of the ball and score 40 on them.