EMU Recap

Its a beautiful fall morning, the sun is bright, the air is cool and the Wildcats are 4-1! Our only loss is to the #20 team in the AP poll, The same poll that has UK with 14 votes and only out ranked by Bama, Georgia, Auburn, Florida and the team from college station. Not a bad spot to be heading into Homecoming week against a 1-3 over all and 0-2 SEC Missouri team. Right? Well not so good if you have been on Social Media and the news radio circuit this morning.

Early on this was a trap game in my opinion and one that we could lose if we over looked them. I will go on the record and say I do not think this was a hangover game from Florida or a game where we over looked our opponent. Unfortunately, I think we are a team that plays to the level of our competition. In all my years of coaching I have been on and coached teams that are like this and I do not know what causes. The good thing about this team is that they find a way to win when the play down to a mid-major or FCS school. A few years ago this was a game we would lose.

Coach Mark Stoops - “The good news is we won because, if you watch college football, with these guys with what they have to do in their life and the way they play and the way they strain and what they have to do, you're not going to play your best for 12 games. And good football teams win when they don't play their best, and I think that's across the board"

We are a good football team! Do we have things that need to be fixed, YES! Did the OL play bad last night, YES! Were all the sacks and tackles for a loss on the OL last night, NO! we had problems with picking up the defensive fronts, blitz packages and coverages all night. This can and will be fixed. Just like the snaps were fixed this week from last.

#15, Stephen Johnson, QB - “It was tough. We have a lot of stuff to fix. We can never argue about a win and we can never be mad about a win. We definitely know we have a lot of stuff to fix, so we cannot put ourselves in those situations when it comes down to it......At times it felt like we weren’t really prepared to be in that game. I have to pick (it) up. I have to get the guys more involved, and we need to play the whole 60 minutes.”

Great news from the game, is that the Defense and Special teams played an amazing game and allowed us to pull out a W. They did not miss as many tackles as they have in the past 3 games and other than the first TD pass we defended the pass pretty good. The special teams unit had a punt block and fumble recovery to set us up with good field position for easy scores.

#41 Josh Allen, LB - "You know, the offense knows we have their back. And when we’re not doing good, we know the offense has our backs. So, I feel like we just need to keep playing. Don’t get like, they aren’t scoring they aren’t touching the ball. We can’t get frustrated. We just have to keep going."

RELAX BBN ALL IS WELL! Fill the stands for homecoming like we are playing Florida! Wear blue and be loud Saturday night!