Godby Rant Alert: SEC Officials Blew the End of the Game, and I Don't Care

As Missouri's offense marched their way down the field for the final drive to not only decide the game, but their season, I sat in the stands with the same sickening feeling I have had multiple times. This feeling of heartbreak coming back to rear its ugly head. Missouri had the potential of marching down the field without any resistance, score a touchdown and win the game on the PAT. Fans have seen it before. Two weeks ago UK lost a heart breaker to Florida by one point, as Florida marched down field, imposing their will on UK's Defense. UK finally losing by one point after a failed 57 yard field goal, due to a highly questionable holding call on Nick Haynes. This memory still haunted UK fans as they saw Missouri gain momentum. All of the sudden, Josh Allen **ALLEGEDLY** knock the ball out of the Mizzou receiver's hands. The official's halfhearted effort to retrieve the ball, get it to the back judge so he can set the ball cost Mizzou precious time on the clock, an additional thirteen seconds to be exact. This left Mizzou to have only one shot to the end zone, which that shot was batted down by Darius West. SEC Officials cost Missouri a chance to win, and I don't care.

As a fan and former player, I have seen and been a part of the wrong end of penalties most of my career. Let's start with 2014. We are beating Florida in the Swamp in overtime. All momentum is on our side. That sideline was as electric as the Swamp was quiet. 4th and long and Florida struggles to get a play in, the play clock hits "00." Yet the refs let the play go and the Gators score in the corner of the end zone for a touchdown. All momentum was lost. The streak should have died that day.

In 2013, I played against Mississippi State on a Thursday night game in Starkville, MS. Again, all of the momentum in the world. We go for an onside and recover the ball, but called for offsides because one player was a half of an inch in front of everyone else. We wind up losing that game by one score.

In 2012, We played against #11 Georgia in Lexington. Georgia was only up by one score and the UK Defense forced a punt. After the punter punted it away, DT Michael Douglas was pushed into the UGA Punter. Officials called it roughing the punter, automatic first down. Georgia escapes Lexington with the win.

Those are the most recent that came to mind. Per usual, the SEC Officials blew the chance for one team to win. What seems like the first time in the modern era, UK had an official's error go their way. Mizzou, I do feel bad for you... but join the club. That's football, and that's life.