The 3 Keys of Success for UK Against Mississippi State

This is a true Cat and Dog Fight, no pun intended. I always say that there must be something in the water in Starkville, MS. These Miss State players are always big, physical and play tough. No matter who they play against, it is always a physical game. The Wildcats are an eleven point underdog as of right now. In order to go into the cowbell ridden Starkville, and come out with a big victory, Stoops and company must follow these three keys to victory:

  1. Contain and Overwhelm Fitzgerald:

While he has struggled and has been inconsistent this season, Miss State QB, Fitzgerald, is still a Kentucky Defensive nightmare. He can pick apart defenses, he can throw deep and he can RUN. With the return of Jordan Jones, this defense must dial up pressures that overwhelm, rattle and get Fitzgerald to the ground. With Denzel Ware and Josh Allen on the edge, look for House and Stoops to dial up some blitz packages involving those two and Jordan Jones off the edge.

  1. Establish the Run Game

This bye week came at a perfect time for Eddie Gran and his offense. This is a three headed monster of an offense; Benny Snell, Stephen Johnson and potentially Lynn Bowden. The physical, "north south" s

tyle run game must be ready to gut this Miss State Defense and make them fatigued going into the 4th Quarter. One they are fatigued, gash them with Sihiem King and Lynn Bowden out of the Wildcat (DO NOT get carried away with this formation).

  1. Let Stephen Johnson Play Free

I have played this game for a very long time. I have never seen a QB as calm and collective as Stephen Johnson. With a game with so much on the line, potential top 25 ranking, bowl eligibility, in the hunt for the SEC East, and continue the momentum of this winning streak, there is no better person to be on the field leading this team than Stephen Johnson. UK cannot get in its own way. Allow Stephen Johnson to play free.