Kennedy Bookstore Closing

The Herald Leader just broke the story about one of the longest standing symbols on UK's campus, Kennedys. After 67 years, Kennedy's will be shutting it doors for good. Always competing with the textbook prices of the campus bookstore, Kennedy's was always a staple at the corner of South Limestone and the Avenue of Champions. It turned into a place that is embedded into a student's mind. It became just as much of a landmark, and a point of direction, as "The 90" and "Willy T." As a former student, if was always fun to stop into Kennedy's in between classes for a beverage or snack or a quick pit stop to grab extra paper or a pen for that test you forgot.

It shows the signs of the every evolving new campus of UK. It finally seems like all the change finally took a meaningful casualty. This not just a loss for current students or recent Alums, but alum all the back from 1951. We appreciate everything that store has done for us. RIP to the Kennedy's Bookstore.