Carson Wentz out with Torn ACL... I Feel for You Philly

Matt Smith is one of the biggest Eagles fans I know. We were doing a live show with Cameron Mills Sunday night when my phone dinged. An ESPN update appeared on my phone about Carson Wentz. "Wentz has torn his ACL -- out for the season." I looked up to see Matt's face, heartbreak. I feel for you, Philly.

The amazing story of Carson Wentz and his rise to be one of the best players in the NFL has been one that has breathed a new energy and passion into Eagles fans. His ability to command the huddle and pinpoint accuracy drove his campaign to be in the running for a Pro Bowl selection. But just like so many superstar QBs this year, Wentz fell victim to a freak injury that cost him his season.

While Philly will make the playoffs, losing a player like Wentz absolutely takes the wind out of the sails of a fan base. Philly, take heart in knowing you have the quarterback of the future. Carson Wentz is the future in the NFL. Prayers for a speedy recovery.