Snell Getting Snubbed will Only Make Him Better

We always want someone to get what they deserved. Benny Snell was previously given the honor of First Team All SEC. Going into the weekend, Benny Snell was awarded Second-Team All SEC by the coaches, which many UK fans (Me Included) feel Snell was snubbed. However, going into this extremely important bowl game in Nashville, this maybe the best thing that could of happened.

The key to Snell's running success is his aggression and anger. In all my years playing and witnessing some REALLY good running backs, Benny Snell Jr. is the most physical runner and one that runs so "angry." He runs with a purpose. He runs with a relentlessness about himself. He runs to prove how good he is. He's three star recruit that has had a chip on his shoulder since he has been at UK.

Remember what happened when the preseason rankings had Benny at the 5th best RB in the SEC? Snell proved them wrong big time. So now going into a massive bowl game, trying to regain some momentum going into the offseason, all the Coaches All SEC Team did was add fuel to an already angry monster in Benny Snell. Northwestern better be ready to play, because now they are going up against a very angry Benny Snell that will be running with a relentless passion. Us as UK fans, we expect nothing less.