You are in Love with the Memories, Not Kirwan and Blanding

UK Construction took another victim in their complete makeover of the University of Kentucky campus, Kirwan and Blanding Towers. While the rest of campus was being modernized and new state of the art dorms were built, south campus grew to be the ugly eyesore of campus. Many, many years ago, Kirwan, Blanding and the rest of south campus were the state of the art of dorms. However, when Smith Hall, Baldwin Hall and others began to be constructed, South Campus became dated.

Let's be honest. You are going to miss the memories, you don't miss the buildings. I lived in Kirwan 1 during my time at UK. I had the best roommate and some great memories there... but that place is absolute TRASH. Ready or not, UK is changing. We are now seeing the casualties of this project, especially with Kennedys Bookstore. RIP to Kirwan and Blanding Towers, thank you for the memories, but not for the below par living standards.