Beto's Pizza Serves Cold Provolone on Top of Their Pizza, Stop It!

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Pittsburgh is known for good food. Great bar food, pizzas and other great snacks that pair well with a nice cold brew. I respect the city for that. However, I don't know if I can forgive the establishment, Beto's Pizza, for what they did to their pizza.

Beto's Pizza is the oldest pizza shop in Pittsburgh. While 99.99999% of all pizzerias put the raw dough, sauce, cheese and toppings into the oven all at the same time, Beto's does not believe this. Instead, they put dough and sauce into the oven. Once the pizza is out, then they add heaping mounds of cold, shredded provolone, then toppings.

Basically, their pizza is a massive equivalent to a Lunchable. Someone from Pittsburgh, please explain this to me. The pizza looks like the cook forgot to add cheese. Don't feed me this hipster, millennial poppy cock that Beto's does this to "stand out" or "revolutionize pizza." Nothing is wrong with pizza. That's why fads involving pizza fail. Stop being ridiculous, put the cheese on the pie before you throw it into the oven.

I'll tell you this, Bearno's Pizza in Louisville would NEVER do this. They believe in the true value of pizza! That's why we are going to do a LIVE show at Bearno's on December 27th! We will talk Music City Bowl and UK vs UL in basketball with several former UK football and basketball players. Mark it on your calenders and hangout with us at the J-Town location!