The NFL is a Bad Product

The National Football League (NFL) has an image problem. From off field issues, politically charged division, and the stars of the league that are on Injury Reserve, the NFL has truly lost a core of their fan base. Attendance is low, the overall favorability of the league is at an all-time low, and fans are heading toward a point of no return.

Following the Seattle vs Jacksonville game incident with Jefferson trying to jump in the stands to attack fans that threw a drink at him, it seems that the authorities and higher ups of the NFL have lost control. In the words of the NCAA, this is a great example of “lack of institutional control.” Roger Goodell has allowed this league to turn into a bad product.

The NFL is a bad product. This is not a politically charged article. It has been established that the NFL has a bad product, and while they have the “professional football market,” they are losing their share of the football market and have been surpassed by college football. Another basic rule of economics, if the product quality doesn’t match the price, people will not buy. The NFL continues to raise prices on tickets, merchandise and television viewing for DirecTV and NFL Sunday Ticket. Even with a flawed playoff, attendance for collegiate games and overall ratings are growing for college football. In basic economics, people will usually buy the “better product.” College football games are not restricted like the NFL, and ticket prices are usually lower per seat… except for the Browns, who are selling upper level tickets for six dollars.

The NFL is at a crossroads. How will Goodell lead the NFL into this next phase? Can he right the ship? There will probably always be an NFL, but another economic rule holds true, self-motivated opportunists usually succeed when they strike when the iron’s hot. When the NFL struggled years ago, the USFL rose to the occasion but eventually fizzled out. If the NFL does not right the ship, there may be people that smell the blood in the water and jump at the opportunity to take down this giant.