Yes... "SantaCon" is a Thing, and I Don't Get it.

This past Saturday the International SantaCon took place around several major cities across the western world. What is SantaCon? Imagine ComicCon... but with Santa. Yes, you read this right. Not mall Santas, regular people who work 9-5 jobs making a willing choice on a Saturday to gather with other people who like dressing as Santa.

Now I'm a DIE HARD Star Wars fan. While I have never dressed up as a Star Wars character in public, with the exception as Darth Vader as a prank against Cameron Mills, I truly understand it. But Santa? What is the point of gathering with a bunch of different people... dressed as Santa as well.

What do these SantaCon events entail? I've seen some as beer runs, others in bars partying, and loitering in subway stations. I simply don't get it. This isn't even a traditional GODBY RANT. I'm genuinely asking people in the SantaCon community. If someone would be willing to reach out so we can start a dialogue. I'll even bring my Vader costume and some cookies.