Rant: Seedless Avocados, Because Avocados are Dangerous... Yeah.

Say what you want, but nothing beats a good avocado. It's a great spread for sandwiches, toast, it's great as guacamole for your tortilla chips on game day or at a great restaurant that serves Mexican cuisine! Life would be an ounce easier without the pit, right? Well, there is a British grocer who now sells "seedless avocados."

That's right, an avocado without the pit! I'm onboard with this... until I was given the reason why avocados are now seedless. "To prevent further injuries removing the pit." WHAT?! What epidemic is there that so many people are falling victim to the EVIL PIT of an avocado that they have been removed completely. Again, I'm all for getting rid of the seed. Watermelons come without seeds, because it's an inconvenience, not out of a pandemic. You don't see watermelons actively trying to harm humans. An avocado pit is an inconvenience, but I have a major issue with the reasoning of why we are removing them.

According to theguardian.com, The British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons stated that avocados are causing a rise in hand and finger cuts and amputations. So is this an issue that people from Britain have? Does this happen in Australia? Mexico? Canada? I have so many questions! Are people using swords to get the pit out? Is there a mandate that you have to cut the pit out blindfoled? How are there so many British people getting hurt?

With cancer still effecting so many lives, world hunger and other things we could be using science for, we have chosen to make a "safe avocado." I'm done. So here is your Public Service Announcement, "Please cut avocados responsibility."