Day 5 of Camp

Coach Gran talked in his media day press conference about being great at their base offense. He said that was the goal of spring practice. They took their base package and drilled it into the players. After hearing Coach talk about his first five days of camp, I think it was a great plan and is paying off this fall.

After the fifth straight day of camp Coach is pleased with where his offense is after 5 practices. He said in his Tuesday press conference that he is done with his install and will focus on "getting better at what we do" but will still be installing situational packages.

Coach talked about the 1's communicating better that last year and their pace has picked up. Said they were moving faster than in the past and he looks forward to Thursdays practice when they go team in a live, scrimmage/game like period. Players will be on the sideline and coaches will be calling in the plays. I can't speak for all of BBN but I can not wait to see this years team hit the field on September 1st.

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