Last Practice of Fall Camp - QB1 is.....

Today was the final practice of Fall Camp as the players head back to class tomorrow. Coach Stoops said the players would return to the practice field on Thursday and start preparing for Centra Michigan .

The number one question the entire camp has been, who will the starting QB be on September 1st. Well, it looks like we might have to wait until game time to find out.

Media was invited to attend todays practice. I bounced around practice and checked out some individual and group work as well as some of the special teams periods. Our kicking game looks strong and I loved the intensity in the group segments. Over all the practice had a very good pace and all the guys were moving fast. I was impressed with our DL during the inside run segment and I liked the intensity in the RB/LB pass pro segment. Kash and Benny were working hard making each other better.

In the team segments I was looking to see who had an edge at QB. The first team segment Terry Wilson started out and took the first few snaps with the ones before Gunnar took over and finished with the ones and started with the twos BUT the last two team segments I watched it was the other way around with Gunnar taking the initial snap with the ones.

We were scheduled to hear from Coach Gran after practice and I was surprised to see Coach Stoops come out first to talk to the media. I thought for a moment we would get some insight into who the QB1 was. Check out the video to see the latest comments from Coach Stoops and you will understand why I say we might have to wait till September first. I get where he is coming from and I understand that both QBs bring to the table something different and I would not be supposed to see at sometime this year one guy stats over another guy just because he is a better fit against a certain defense. Coach Gran did come out and talk to the media but he did not give any further insight into the competition. He did talk about how he was pleased with the progress all the QB's have made in camp and likes how we are becoming more efficient on first downs. See the video below for comments from coach on how he defines first down efficiency.

I think we are going to be a much improved offense this year and we will be a much more balanced on this side of the ball. We have key players returning from injury, a veteran offensive line, the best RB in the nation and a much more experienced RB group that can take some of the weight off his shoulders. This is going to be an exciting year for this Offense.

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