Godby's Keys to the Game

Godby's Keys to the Game:

1) Expose Florida's lack of discipline in punt and kickoff coverage

Special Teamers are referred to as the "Tip of the Spear" in coaching settings. Momentum is either gained or loss SUBSTANTIALLY by special team play. Special Teams last week for Florida almost cost them two scores against Charleston Southern. UK has two very good returners in Bouvier, Bowden and even Mike Edwards. Watch for these returners to strike while the irons hot.

2) UK Defense... Keep Doing You

The defense that made its appearance against Central Michigan was one of the most electric, aggressive and FUN defenses fans have seen in almost 10 years. Just pick one starter on the field and they could potentially be the Defensive MVP of the game tonight.

3) Offense has to Bounce Back

A sick Benny Snell, more questions at QB, and four turnovers caused multiple red flags. It seemed during practice that the QB Play was better, Benny is 100% now, and the offense got their worst game out of the way.

4) QB 1 Must Throw His Best Punch in the First Quarter

How does a gator hunt? They wait till their prey is at their doorstep, and they overwhelm it with speed for three furious strikes. If the gator gets you, game over. If you get away, the gator has no back up plan but to retreat. It's a night game at the Swamp, the Gainesville sun loses its advantage. The thing about the Swamp is when the visiting team strikes first, the crowd goes quiet and the team loses focus. In order for UK to beat the 31 year losing streak, they have to throw their best punch at the beginning.