Godby's Keys to the Game: Murray St

Godby's Keys to the Game: Murray St

1) No Hangover

There is nothing on God’s green earth like a big win! It’s extremely difficult to regain focus all week for an FCS team for noon kickoff on SEC Network’s Alternate Channel. This team cannot fight a “victory hangover” all week at practice. Hopefully they have treated this week like any other and ready to go dominate on game day.

2) Show Up

Murray State is the most important game of the season... because it’s the next one. This UK Team has to show that it can show up, take care of business, and not be sluggish. UK has a bad track record over the years of playing down to the level of its FCS competition.

3) Reserve Guys Need to Shine

UK should be winning by a BIG margin closing the first half. This gives coaches the freedom to pull starters to rest and give reserve players an opportunity to get game experience. Expect AJ Rose and Sihiem King to show their playmaking abilities and how they can help compliment Snell’s power running.

ALSO: hopefully to get Hoak and Clark some game experience as well.

4) Statement on the First Drive

First drive for UK against Central Michigan was scoreless. UK needs to carry the same swagger they had against Florida into this game and throw an upper cut the first drive of the game.

5) Be Injury Free

These games against mid majors and FCS schools are High Risk Injury Games. These guys need to watch out for one another on the field. Coaches need to know when the game is out of reach for Murray and get the starters out ASAP.

UK vs Murray will be a blast! Another game in Kroger Field, breakfast tailgating and an opportunity to get home and watch even more football! See you at the game!