Godby’s Keys to the Game: South Carolina

Godby’s Keys to the Game: South Carolina

1.Pin Your Ears Back

This defense needs to be in Bentley’s face the entire night. Josh Allen should be putting a clinic on how to collapse the pocket. This South Carolina offensive line is considered the fourth best behind UGA, Bama and UK. They can stop base defenses and rushes with ease. They have not played a defense like UK, who will throw everything and the kitchen sink at you.

2. Throw the First Punch

I know I said this last week. If you punch Mississippi St first, and match their physicality, they will stumble. If UK plays with that exact same intensity, South Carolina will fold and this game could get ugly quick.

3. Terry Wilson

Wilson was a perfect game manager on Saturday. This Saturday will be his turn to leave this defense in the dust. South Carolina has not seen a true duel threat QB like Wilson this year, especially not one who will be the fastest player on the field.

4. Kroger Field needs to be ROCKING

It’s a sold out crowd against a team UK should be. Perfect football weather and night game. BBN needs to bring a crazy environment for our players and a nightmare for South Carolina. Play Grove Street Party, make the coal whistle loud and root on this team all night long.