Get Ready Aggie Nation, The Big Blue Nation is coming!

The UK Media Relations Team made Coach Eddie Gran and select members of the Wildcat Offense available to the media after practice this afternoon.

When I first arrived at the facility today I was met with sounds that I had not heard in years. The sounds of Kyle Field...The Band...The Yell Leaders...The 12th Man. Ugh, I do not miss that!

Today, I talked with Coach Schlarman and almost every OL. IT looks like we are business as usual. Respect our opponent and do what we do best. This team is made up of big, strong and physical athletes that are good football players. Some teams can be big, strong and physical but not good football players. That's what makes this team special, being a good football player.

What is a good football player? It is someone that has respect for the game. Respect for his position, his position group and his side of the football. He will go above and beyond to learn the game. To not just learn what to do in a play but to learn why he is doing it. The kind of player that will do whatever it takes to make his brothers and his team succeed. You combine a good football player in a big, strong physical body...You have something special. You have 100 of those on your team and you can't be beaten. There is something really special about this team and at the beginning of the year I did not have us beating TA&M but after watching the first five weeks of the season I will admit I was wrong in my prediction. This team can (and will) go down to College Station and show the Aggies what this new breed of UK football is all about. Get Ready Aggie Nation, The Big Blue Nation is coming!

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