Godby’s Keys to the Game: Mizzou Edition

Keys to the Game: Mizzou Edition

1) Shutdown the Passing Game

Mizzou’s offense is potent. Drew Lock has a great arm and receivers that can get open quick. This defense needs to be discipline in coverage and pin their ears back to get to Lock. The key to stop a passing offense is disrupting the QB. Allen and company need to be disruptive and get Lock on the ground.

2) Offense Needs to Carry the Weight

Ever since the second half of the South Carolina game, this offense has been extremely inconsistent. While UK’s defense can slowdown this Mizzou offense, UK has to be productive on offense. With games like today, you cannot be behind schedule, meaning getting into third and longs and not scoring touchdowns. Terry Wilson, or whatever QB is in, must be productive and compliment Benny Snell in the run game.

3) Play Angry

Mizzou fans and radio personalities have done nothing short of guaranteeing a win. Mizzou has not beaten UK since 2015. They are no Bama. UK needs to remind them of that today. This game is one more step closer to the SEC East title. UK needs to handle their business get another step closer to history.