Godby's Keys to the Game: Tennessee Edition

Godby’s Keys to the Game: UT Edition

  1. Run Your Offense.

Tennessee is no threat to you defensively. UK showed flashes of the offense it can be against UGA. Le

t Terry play his game, and Benny Snell needs to be put in better situations to play his game.

  1. Overwhelm Guarantano

Tennessee’s Offense lives and dies depending on how their QB, Guarantano, plays. This offensive line has been hot and cold all year, meaning Guarantano could be running for his life against Josh Allen, Kash Daniel and Jordan Jones. If this offensive line doesn’t show up today, Guarantano will gold against this defense.

  1. This isn’t 1984

The Tennessee fan base’s morale is low. The expectation is UK is going to come into Neyland Stadium. UK has not beat Tennessee in Knoxville since 1984. Stoops and his staff have done a phenomenal job of not bringing this up to his team. There has hardly been a mention of it besides in the media. The only year to worry about is 2018, and this UK team THIS year is miles ahead of Tennessee.