Godby's Key's to the Game: MTSU Edition

Godby’s Keys to the Game: MTSU Edition

  1. Get Back to the Basics

This team has lost its identity on offense since Texas A&M. Opposing defenses have found the key to stop the inside run game. MTSU is not a Power 5 program. This will provide this offense some flexibility to return to its roots and work out the kinks during mid season play.

  1. Overwhelm this Offensive Line

The MTSU offense has been putting up some really good looking numbers against decent competition. Between a deep ball threat QB and eleven... yes, eleven, different ball carriers during the season, this defense needs to show why its an elite group. The key is to overwhelm the line and ground the skill positions. If the offensive line can’t protect, the whole offense sinks.

  1. Cheer on these Seniors

BBN, you have done your part this year showing up, being loud and getting behind this team during its historic run! This will be the winningest group of seniors in UK History. BBN has delivered every single game, we are asking you to deliver one more time for these Seniors.