Godby's Keys To The Game - Louisville Edition

  1. Ground and Pound

Louisville’s defense has been absolutely atrocious. Benny Snell has two games to break the career rushing record. If he plays his cards right today, he can run all over this defense and show NO mercy.

  1. Overwhelm a Wounded Offense

With the main play caller gone, and part of the offensive staff, only three offensive coaches are left splitting the OC duties. This is no game plan against UK. The game plan is to simply survive. This defensive staff has a great opportunity to make this game embarrassing.

  1. Make a Statement.

Bobby Petrino, at every opportunity, ran up the scores on teams, especially UK. So opponents repaid the favor this season, taking every advantage to kick Petrino while he was down. With Petrino fired, what is left is a very broken team, and UK has an opportunity to make a statement in the rivalry. Today is UK’s turn. Beat Louisville.