FB - What It Takes To Win (Louisville)

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What It Takes To Win

Every Sunday, as a team, you review the film and go over how well you played the day before. One of the things that the team puts together at the beginning of the year is a large board that keeps track of what it takes to win each game (set up like the picture above). Chances are, if you win more of these categories than you lose, you ultimately win the game. It also allows you to see trends of where you are excelling vs. places you need to work on.

This weekly article will go in to detail about how we played that week in correspondence with what we at BBN Chalk Talk have put together as the categories and areas that will make the Cats most successful. If you win, you get your team sticker - if you lose, the other team gets a sticker. Let's take a look at how this last game went:

UK vs. UofL

Win the Trenches

(Rush for more yards than your opponent does)

WIN - UK rushed for 340 yards while UofL had 226 yards

Win in the RedZone

(Offense - 75% of possessions in RZ end in a score, Defense - hold to 50% or less *2 trips or more*)

Off: WIN - UK was 3 for 4 on RZ attempts (75%)

Def: WIN - UofL was 1 for 2 on RZ attempts (50%)

Control the Clock

(Win the possession time)

WIN - UK 33:57, UofL 26:03

Win 3rd Down

(Offense - 75% conversion or better, Defense - 50% conversion or less)

Off: LOSS - UK was held to 4 of 8 conversions (50%)

Def: WIN - UofL was held to 2 of 11 conversions (18%)

No Fly Zone

(Allow 200 yards or less passing)

WIN - UofL had only 79 yards passing

Win the 4th Quarter

(Score more points than your opponent in the 4th quarter)

WIN - UK won 21-0 in the 4th Quarter

Win the Game

(The final score)

WIN - UK won the game 56-10

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